[Report] Johnnys Countdown 2019-2020 Report

2019.12.31 - 2020.01.01

I was lucky enough to hit for the Countdown this year, whoo! Since not a lot of people get to go in person, and they do cut parts out of broadcast, I thought I'd share my experience here.

The countdown is one of the most competitive concerts since every fanclub can apply, and I actually didn't hit the first round >_< Later on though, they opened up another round for "second tier" seats that might have camera equipment or something blocking, and luckily I hit! I arrived in the afternoon hoping to buy some jumbo uchiwa, but my gosh, the power of Johnnys is incredible... The line was so long it coiled every which way across the floor and up and around many flights of stairs, probably comparable to Comiket although I've never waited there before opening. I gave up at that time since it was probably a 2h+ wait and decided to try my luck later...

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[TL] Sponichi 2019.07.11 - The Night after Johnny's Passing (Hey!Say!JUMP, Kis-my-ft2 & 4TOPS)

With Johnny Kitagawa's passing on July 10, 2019, members from all the debuted groups/actors gave heartfelt comments.
I've translated the comments from HSJ, Kisumai & 4TOPS here, because they were so touching. There were other Johnnys, but these are typically the ones I follow.
Nothing from Takki of course, as he's been very strict about not coming to the front at all, but an article did mention, he rushed to the hospital as well when Johnny-san was first hospitalized.
Rest in peace, Johnny-san. You've created an incredible empire of idols!
More behind the cuts!

Please do not repost. Linking is okay.

Hey! Say! JUMP
[I especially find Yabu, Chinen and Hikaru's really touching in JP >_<]
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[Kitamitsu and Gaya ;_;]
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4 Tops
Aww, they were all close to him...
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Natsume Yuujinchou Pilgramage

So I finally sorted through my pictures and videos from my Natsume Yuujinchou pilgramage last September! It was just before the movie premiered, so more merch and posters were up in the areas related to the series. If you haven't been to the region where it's based, you can watch and experience it, and if you have (@ willeke4439), you can reminensce with me! It's just so beautiful, I wish I could've hit up more spots there~


[Translation] AnAn 2018.12.12 - Messages to Takizawa Hideaki pt 1+ Kabuki outifts

Anan was my favorite magazine that featured Tackey content in Dec/Jan, so I'll translate the pages containing the messages from other Johnnys. He looks pretty good in all the photos for this one, so I'd highly recommend getting it. They still had most of them on the shelves last week, but for those overseas, CD Japan has them in stock.

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[Report] Tackey X'mas Show 2018~with you and me~ Nagoya 12/17

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend Tackey's dinner show again this year! I didn't write a report last year, but since he's retiring after this, *sobs* I might as well share my experience and engrave it in words.

I luckily hit for my first choice, Nagoya, at Hotel Nagoya Castle on December 17th, the same venue I attended in 2017. Since it ended rather late into the night, I stayed at the hotel too (which has a great view of Nagoya Castle as the name implies)!
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Hachijojima Onsen + Natsume Cafe 2018.09.14

I bought a special second class ticket from Mikurajima to Hachijojima since the journey wasn't as long. It was around 2000yen which is pretty reasonable for a 1-1.5h ride. The second class area still has around 8 spots but it isn't a separate room so lights are central. I'm not really sure how the configuration was originally, but I assume only blankets are provided. Since it was the second last stop, a majority of the people had already left, but there was a family still in my compartment. Lights were off so I decided to nap like them. There wasn't a blanket at my seat number, but there was a used one sprawled unfolded the seat over so I just used my jacket... kind of disappointing for second class.

I chatted with the family when the lights were turned on nd they were nice. Turns out they're Hachijojima locals and went to Tokyo with their daughter for Disneyland. The girl showed me her Minnie balloon and some souvenirs and we played a bit. The boat was experiencing a lot of turbulence after about the halfway mark so I was worried we wouldn't dock. The dad got a call from his friend who told him it was raining really hard >_< Poof, there went my plans of outdoor hike and onsen at Uramigataki falls -_- I quickly rearranged my plans and decided to go to an indoor onsen so I wouldn't be as miserably wet. Since I only had a rain jacket so the family gave me an umbrella. All the good karma for them!

The boat arrived about 15min late but we luckily docked. When I stepped onto the ramp, I found that 'raining hard' was an understatement... I opened the umbrella and it was so windy, it flipped! Fortunately, I stood the other way and it flipped back to normal. Needless to say, my already drenched shoes (from the dolphin boat) were soaked to a new level!


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Mikurajima Dolphins 2018.09.13

Thanks to willeke4439, I noticed these beautiful islands in the Izu peninsula and planned a side trip. Since I'm a huge animal lover, I decided to go to Mikurajima for the 100 wild dolphins that live around the island and then Hachijojima for the onsen (and the plane that flies you back to Tokyo in 1h vs 8h boat ride).

The Tokai Kisen ferry departs once a day from Takeshiba Pier at 10:30pm and stops at Oshima, Miyakejima, Mikurajima and then Hachijojima before heading back. They warn that the boat may not be able to dock at the latter two islands so I was a little nervous. Luckily, the weather was great and the waters were smooth! Here's the view from the room window as we passed the bridge.

Since I really needed sleep to get enough energy for the dolphin swim the next morning, I bought a first class ticket. It's a cabin of 8 beds (separate M/F rooms) with a sleeping pad, blanket, and pillow. I was the only one in my room ^^ Since it's a separate room, the light system is independent of the rest of the ship and you can turn your lights off/on whenever you want. There're also large windows with blinds in the room and a small changing room on the side.

Disembarking at Mikurajima 5:55 am...

You need to have lodging reserved beforehand and they limit the number of visitors. I stayed at Yado Marui which is just up the slope a few minutes. All the inns have vans that pick you up off the dock. Most also have their own boats to take their guests on dolphin watching or dolphin swimming tours as that's the main draw for visitors.

The first swim started at 9:30 so they give you some time to settle in. Since I traveled by myself, I ended up having a roommate. Luckily, she was really nice and it was her first time too. To kill time, I ate my onigiri and drank tea, while she took a nap. View from the break room...

You have to get ready 30min before, so I suited up. They do have equipment for rental, but I brought most of my gear. My wetsuit was pretty bulky, but I think it was worth it since it's a little thicker than the ones they had for rent. Then you leave your clothes and towel by the bathing area and head out with your guide to the water!

The captain spots dolphins in the distance and the adjusts the position of the boat to predict where they'll be as they come closer. When we jump in, they're almost always there! I didn't have weights on the first swim so I basically snorkeled at the surface. They were deeper most of the time so I couldn't really capture them on video. And when they were closer, my record button didn't actually press XD I had weights the second dive but I don't have enough breath to dive down and interact and come up so I just go partway to see them better. Unfortunately, halfway through, my mask wasn't fitting right so water kept leaking in >_< Anyway, here's a video of what little I did record! I'll probably fix it up a bit later but here's the bare bonesThere were better moments than this for sure though so don't take it as a representation the experience. Like one swam right beside me and a few came up to breathe by me ^^

After the swim, you take a nice hot bath and hang your stuff to dry. While I had packed all my gear for this, I was stupid enough to forget sandals so there I was in my sopping wet trail sneakers (that are pretty waterproof on the outside but soaked as hell on the inside from all the water that came in on the boat). They had a sauna-like room to hang wet clothes so I put my sneakers there too, praying for a miracle.

For lunch, I went to the nearby souvenir store and Cafe for local Ashitaba curry. It actually tasted preyy good! Not spicy, but rich and healthy (and green). Dinner is included in the lodging fee and it was served at 6:30. I was so hungry by that point though, that I was pretty much pacing the dining hall entrance every few minutes XD

Fried pork cutlet and eggplant, tofu, sashimi, pickled veg, salad and rice. Dessert was some really tasty pear. It was a pretty huge portion but everyone finished! (Except I left an eggplant, sorry >_<)

Since I had an early morning the next day, leaving for Hachijojima at 6am, my roommate and I watched a bit of TV, chatted, and then slept at 9pm. She offered to help me put away my futon the next morning too ^^ (I'm sure I would've folded it all wrong with my 5am brain...)

I was too early for breakfast so the owner was nice to deduct it from my bill. She didn't realize I was leaving in the morning for Hachijojima so it was a bit of a scramble, but she gave me a bottle of water and we rushed to the pier! I ran to the office to check in and made it to the dock as the boat was approaching.

Hachijojima next up here!

[Report] 2018.09.16 Kiniro no Corda 15th anniversary report

Finally found some time to write posts (haha standing in line at USJ)! I'll start with this event before I forget too much of what was said! There'll be a DVD release anyway but I'm glad Corda is still being pushed by Koei so much.

Happy 15th anniversary to Kiniro no Corda! I bought tics to the 2 shows at Pacifico Yokohama on the 16th for the original cast (1-2ff) and had to forego the ones on the 15th for the 3-4 cast (because 7500x4 is too much XD)

When you enter, you're greeted with a nice display with a violin and pop ups of all the characters. There were also lots of bouquets, posters, screens promoting games and of course, merchandise! The popular goods had already been sold out by the time I got there (including those hot blankets of Len and Yunoki). I luckily grabbed the last penlight to look at it and then the poor person behind me reached in to find none!

There was also a kuji and I got the bottle holder B prize like I wanted with 3 pulls so I'm satisfied. A few people after, the lady rang a winning bell so she likely got a special prize!

I sat on the second level both times by the aisle. Sometimes neoromance events have the cast come up everywhere but unfortunately, not this one. They had a short opener with the 2 guys who sang the opening for the taiwanese version of the game and they stayed to be stage hands later (aka targets for Kishio's craziness).

Before the show, they had the rules read as usual. The afternoon show was Kiiyan as Len and the evening was FukuJun as Shimizu. They also added a call & response by asking their favorite food to interact with the audience. Luckily, most fans shouted it out loudly! It's been way too long since I played so I only remembered Yunoki's XD. Cast were Taniyama Kishou, Itou Kentarou, Morita Masakazu, Kishou Daisuke, Hino Satoshi, Konishi Katsuyuki, Maeno Tomoaki, Uchida Yuuya, Ishikawa Hideo, Fukuyama Jun and the girls Satou Akemi, Masuda Yuki, Takaki Reiko and Mizubashi Kaori (am), Ohara Sayaka (pm). Stella Quintet sang Hallelujah in am and my fav Crescendo in pm. The best part of Corda events is probably the music and they had a live violin + keyboard. There was a huge focus on Etou in the afternoon since he has a whole drama cd series out featuring him at Seisou. They had him talking to Lili and finding fata (with vo music and all XD). Other drama sections had them playing songs for Hino (great tie-in with live keyboard and violin solos) and them spying on the chairman to prevent the club from disbanding.

One of my favorite sections was the live re-enactment. They chose some really great scenes as well as never before done scenes from the new university manga released recently. In the am, they did ch 1 from university and the saddest scene when she says farewell to Lili >_< the whole hall was in tears and sniffling... ugh so sad. The pm was ch4 so we finally get some of Kishou's crazy ad-libbing. He was pretty suppressed in the am so he could finally let loose XD It was Yunoki being haraguro to Len and he really went for it, emphasizing how well Hino gets along with Etou and how far away Vienna is (12h flight, he looked it up).

The variety corners were still pretty tame, asking questions about Corda's 15 years, their thoughts 15 years ago and memories, how they've changed since. Konitan kept drawing pictures, Maenu said he was a rookie 15 years ago and couldn't make a living on just seiyuu work, Kishou said he's still no.1 seiyuu Neoromance wants to avoid inviting to events (lol, he said they even sent him a warning letter after the first event), the girls are happy to be received so amazingly for an oto-ge event, and Kiiyan quit smoking (good for him). In terms of character changes, Itou said Tsuchiura can drive now so they don't have to tag onto rich Yunoki's car XD Ishikawa said Kanayan got throat surgery (cuz he used to sing opera) and Morita asked him if his acting changed after that and he's like why are you asking me in such a condescending tone XD Maenu said he liked Hihara and Yunoki's songs so much he sang them at karaoke and sent videos to Morita and Kishou! And they're like, yeah, it was super long because you recorded the whole thing XD

The part where Kishou could fully express himself was the prize drawing because it doesn't get put on the DVD. He teased those rookie singers so much XD Grabbed them, hugged them, confessed to them... and then of course, the other guys joined in ^^ Sadly, I didn't win anything (I mean, the odds are terrible), but someone a few seats away from me won a signed poster. The people in the first few rows also had a chance of catching the balls they throw in the audience.

And what's a Neoromance event without songs? Kiiyan is obviously the best singer and he sang Tear (not my fav but still great), Hino is probably second best and he sang Move (great song), Itou sang Another Revolution... Morita, Kishou, and FukuJun also sang solos but I don't remember their chara songs very well >_< Hino and Lili also sang solos! I didn't even realize they had solo songs! Uchida and Ishikawa had a duet and so did Masuda and Satou. So glad I bought a penlight cuz I could wave with everyone and light up the audience too ^^ At the end, all the characters had kyun lines as usual.

Huge poster ad for the Octave game which will be released next Feb. It's set in a parallel universe where everyone from both Corda series goes to school together. They showed some pretty interesting previews and re-enacted some scenes live during the event, giving spoilers for who dorms with who! (3 violinists together! Chairman with Tohgane if I remember correctly!)

The ending song was Happy Time both shows and the audience chimed in. The encore was the cast ending comment and there was a double encore in the pm where they sang Score in Blue as well as brought a cake out for the 15th anniversary in secret.

All in all, a pretty well done show. It was my first Neoromance event and hopefully not my last!

Saiyuki BLAST Reload event & Ensemble Stars Morning Star Concert

December 17th was my event day and I managed to get tics to the Saiyuki afternoon talk show and the EnSta concert at night thanks to willeke4439!

The Saiyuki talk started at 2:30 and there were already a bunch of girls lined up to get into Belle Salle Shinjuku by the time I got there. Managed to get some merch before the show (uchiwa for Goku and Tenpou) but some of the Konzen stuff was already sold out by then XD

My seat was mid-back on the side close to the doors. Not great, but not bad since I had a pretty clear view and Ishida was on this side most of the time.They played the OP by Granrodeo and then the cast came out and introduced themselves. Really nice to see all four of them together. I've seen Seki twice at anime cons before, but this is my first time seeing Hirata Hiroaki and Hoshi Souichirou live. Got to do a Pappi call for him which was nice after seeing it in events so many times ^^ And Ishida Akira introduced himself as voicing Katsura Kotarou at first so I guess he likes Gintama a lot too~


In the first segment, they polled each cast member for their favorite lines from Goku and Konzen. Shame on me, but I hadn't actually watched the anime before this, but I did read the gaiden manga way back when so I wasn't totally lost XD For Konzen, Hirata picked a line where he was telling Goku to go to bed kindly because he wanted him to say it to him. As per his request, he got Seki to say that line to Gojyo live (but since it was Sanzo saying it, he ended with a 'bang bang bang'). Hirata complained that it wasn't kind at all ^^ Ishida picked my favorite part where they promise to meet again in their next life under the sakura~ For Hoshi, they actually showed a scene different from the one he picked and they all said it was probably because he picked a bad scene and this one was better XD The part he actually picked was the scene before the one Seki picked with Konzen and Goku's first meeting. Seki picked Konzen's 'just like the sun' line. For Goku, Hirata and Ishida both joked and picked Goku singing. Hirata picked the tanabata urasai nyaa nyaa nyaa and made Pappi sing nyaa nyaa to jingle bells live. Ishida picked the one of Goku singing in the car and remarked that in the on-air version, Hoshi actually mumbled at the end instead of singing real words and the director OKed it probably because it was him XD (they fixed it for the release) Then Seki picked a serious line (Goku after Konzen's death) and was like, they played the wrong scene because he should've joked too XD Pappi picked Goku's 'just like the sun' line on their first meeting so it was some pretty cute continuity with Seki. For Hirata and Ishida, they changed it up and went with "what you want to say to him." The most memorable one to Hirata was probably about smoking and how it's depicted nowadays in anime. They focus more on the puffing out while the inhaling is mostly cut so Hirata's like I have to keep smoking to remind people how it's done since rates are declning lately. Ishida also asked if it was tiring adding improv all the time and he was like no because I don't think about it at all! Ishida is basically a mystery to everyone (still), so they asked him about his hobbies and what makes him excited (after like 20years of knowing each other XD). Surprisingly, he's into G1 racing and a good match can get him riled up. Oh, and I never noticed before this, but Hirata calls him Akira >///<

Afterwards, there was a help corner where fans would send in their concerns and the cast/character would have to give advice. For Sanzo, the person wanted him to scold her for betraying her friend in a race. Gojou's was more like dating advice and he ended up telling her to hook up with him instead. Goku's was asking for encouragement and the funniest was Hakkai's. The scenario was that her boss' wig was always a little off and she wanted to ask for a tactful way to let him know. Ishida was like, just repeat 'Zura ja nai, katsura da' multiple times a day behind him XD I don't remember what he eneded up saying as Hakkai but it was definitely something tactful and kind.

Then they played charades as a team and Hirata was all serious about deciding roles since Pappi's an idiot. They ended up putting Hoshi at the end since they knew he would distort the message and then Seki first since it was an important role. Then they debated where Hirata and Ishida should go but decided that Ishida should be third because he could communicate with Hoshi better XD The word they were acting was 'erogappa' so Seki did this sexy dance and motioned a circle on his head and pointed to Hirata. It was pretty good and Hirata looked like he got the idea so he passed it on (without the sexy dance) and then Ishida passed it on (without the sexy dance) and Hoshi guessed kappa which is pretty close. Ishida thought it was kappa too and Hirata guessed it was erogappa so they still got a few points. Hoshi complained that there was no ero when Ishida acted it out for him XD Then they played something like 20 questions where the person up guesses the word behind him based on answers from the others. They were given 2 passes so Hirata was like, we'll just say pass as soon as it's Hoshi's turn. I feel like the order they went up was pre-determined because the words they were given fit perfectly! I think Seki got Sanzou and then Hoshi got saru (but he couldn't get it forever and in the end they had to pass XD), Ishida got Hakuryuu which was pretty neat (he asked if it was an animal - no, a color- no but it has a color in it, a thing - yes... 'umm, Hakuryuu?!') and Hirata got Hirata. Miraculously the last 5 seconds, on Hoshi's next turn up, he didn't even ask a question and blurted kappa and it was kappa!!!

Last was the live dubbing where they did some popular scenes. Most of the ones they chose for their favorite lines were here (except the urasai singing from Goku). The death scenes actually made me tear up a bit and I noticed quite a few other people were crying >_<
After all that intensity, they took out the prize wheel for the cast to try and hit with their weapon of choice. The prizes were curry, buns and (if memory serves, beef)... and of course tawashi which occupies the largest area on the wheel. Seki hit tawashi twice, Hoshi hit curry twice, Hirata hit the buns and Ishida hit tawashi too. The crossbow looked pretty fun to use and the 'gun' was kind of pathetic XD

At the end, they gave their final greetings and a plug for the next event in February. I laughed so much here I really hope they release it as a special on some DVD because these guys are so funny and have such great chemistry!

The Enxemble Stars concert was all the way out at Toyosu Pit and boy are these boys popular. I didn't realize they called you in by section when I bought tickets but luckily I was a little early and I arrived just as the section before mine was being let in. They make you pay a mandatory 500yen for the drink bar (which I didn't end up using), and then there are lockers available to put your stuff in. At first, I had no idea why so many people were using them, but it was actually got really hot as the hall started filling up with eager fans.

I was maybe 2/3 of the way back, but luckily I'm taller than the average Japanese girl so I could still see all right while dodging around. I'm only a mild fan of EnSta because their gacha rates suck and I have no 5 stars, but the music isn't bad. I wasn't too sure what to expect, but the animation was really well done. TrickStar, Knights and Undead sang around 6 songs each (+encore) and there was a bit of a "talk corner" every 2 songs.

What's really amazing is that TrickStar is the youngest and "newest" group in their world and the animation even shows that they're out of sync at times compared to Knights and Undead. Choreography-wise, Undead's dance was pretty great since they did mic twirls and all kinds of mic tricks. They also had steam and cool effects on some of their songs. In terms of sound, Trickstar's my fav because Kakki and Morikubo are in it, but animation for Undead was amazing and really showed their personality.

Of course, fans were all waving their penlights and singing along and screaming as if the animations could hear. I think it's pretty amazing this kind of animated concert is so sucessful. It'd probably only work in Japan though. I sang along to the songs I knew (only Trickstars... should've done my homework), but really regretted not bringing a penlight >_< Overall, it was a fun and eye-opening experience but I'm not sure I'd go out of my way to attend another one.

Grabbed a late dinner after that in Yurakucho where close to nothing was open at 9pm XD Finally found a nice Italian dinner & bar which was luckily open. Something I found weird was that they serve bread without any condiments... like is that normal here?! No butter, no olive oil or balsamic... Anyway, I asked for olive oil and theirs was actually pretty good. Then I had horse carpaccio for the first time and that was pretty tasty. What really blew me away though, was the Kirishima kurobuta chop. So juicy and tender and flavorful! Definitely gonna look for that again.


JUMP Festa 2018 report

I was lucky enough to be in Tokyo for JumpFes this year and managed to go on the first day. (Went to other events the second day which I'll elaborate on in a later post!) Hope we can go together someday, willeke4439!

Big sign to welcome you to JumpFes! Super easy to get to Makuhari Messe from the subway station and lots of staff giving direction on where to go. It's just a super long walk to actually get inside, and even longer to get to the limited edition goods area so luckily I had comfortable walking shoes on. I got there around 11am and there wasn't much of a line.

The area was actually a lot bigger than I was expecting, but you're greeted by many familiar faces~ The usual OP and DBZ areas that I've seen in a few reports from previous years were also up again.

Most Jump protagonists had their own statues up, like BHA above. They seemed to be pushing Black Clover screaming boy quite a bit this year too.


My beautiful boys in their suits ^^ Lots of merchandise but nothing I was particularly interested in on this side. I was really tempted to get the ema plates from HxH but was dissuaded against it as I really don't really need more merch XD

Lots of figures at the Banpresto stand. They were also pre-selling some kuji.


Kind of really want these when they release

After I'd walked around a bit, it was time for the first stage show I wanted to attend, Shokugeki no Soma's! Matsuouka, Takahashi, SuwaJun (sporting gold hair) and my god Ishida Akira were there so of course I had to get a decent standing spot for myself. No pics from the stage since no photography but it was great hearing them recite their characteristic lines live. Bonus guest was the mangaka which was a nice suprise, and he's actually pretty good looking but Konomi-sensei probably takes the cake. They picked their favorite dishes from the anime and then showed a clip of it being tasted. Matsuouka's was super spicy mapo tofu, SuwaJun liked the anglerfish curry and Ishida liked the black pepper buns because of its bargaining power to get Soma into Erina's restaurant XD Then they had a 'shokugeki' with the theme being modified cup yakisoba where they each had to add a little something. There would be videos of the making and then the dish would be brought in for the mangaka to taste and he would decide the winner. Takahashi had her yakisoba in senbei cracker sandwich, Matsuouka had his with carbonara sauce, Ishida had his with tobasco and SuwaJun had his with love >///< He actually made Takahashi do moe moe kyun live to make it taste better. His preparation steps were also done with more care. In the end, the winner was Ishida's tobasco yakisoba even though SuwaJun's was pretty brilliant! Then they showed previews and announcements. I'm sure everybody's heard that the show will be getting another cour staged in the North! And an OVA with fanservice based on Erina. It was a really fun stage overall and even my mom who's watched the show but doesn't understand much Japanese enjoyed it as well :D With their ending good-byes, they pimped the Soma tebasaki gyoza which were exclusively sold at this year's JumpFes food stalls. Unfortunately, by the time I was hungry, they were already sold out >_>

Anyway, they had a large Soma stall with life sized cutouts and signatures.

Had lunch upstairs; a pretty decent nikuman and some less decent Royal curry. Then I walked all the way around to the limited edition goods area and lined up to get an HxH plate and a Yu-gi-oh charm. The area was actually organized really well and the process was super efficient. You mark down what you want on the paper and then you're moved to a section where you wait. I squatted for maybe 20min before my section was called so not too bad. Then you exchange your paper, pay, (receive your pre-sale YGO cards if you bought them) and then submit your order to the runners in the back who collect your stuff and hand it to you.

There were actually a lot of games you could line up for or activities you could do, but they weren't too enticing for me. Though P-Bandai had a really cool b-day photo set up for Akashi but I couldn't connect to the wifi at all to show my account.

By then, it was about time for the Tenipuri stage show so I headed over. Boy, was it packed, and most people were prepared and had their penlights! MinaJun, SuwaJun, Okiayu and Konomi-sensei were there and as expected, it was a live! They started with a few character lines from the manga which was cool and then MinaJun started with Rising Beat! She's so cute in person and she sang really well~ Okiayu was next and sang Dakishimete shimai sou sa (and advertised the game since it's available at lvl 59 can't wait until I get there.) Hmm... I hate to say it, but his singing was a little off. I guess he's getting older or not taking as much care to practise? Still nice to see it live though. Then there was Tezuka animated to Never Surrender one of my favorites (complete with blue flames and all at the appropriate parts). Then SuwaJun sang... I think Ore-sama no bigi ni yoi na (it's been a while and it's not my favorite). He's really good at riling up the crowd and giving fan service! Next was animated Atobe playing a large white grand piano to Will. As for announcements, they put in a plug for the new movie and revealed a new OVA and remake of Atobe vs Tezuka that would follow the manga more closely. Okiayu was like, 'then I'll get more lines!' And they're like 'no...' SuwaJun consoled him by saying he'd get lots of "Hng and ha" and he's like, 'let me talkkkkk.' They all sang Tenipuri Paradise at the end! I really wish they had guests from each school so Konomi-sensei didn't have to do all the lines not related to Seigaku and Hyotei XD Poor guy was so out of breath by the end >_< Anyway, the atmosphere was awesome and I really wish I had brought a penlight to swing along!

After this event, there was another Tenipuri talk show at a booth but there was also a Touken Ranbu one so we went to the latter one since my mom likes Tourabu XD Kimura Ryohei and Hama Kento were there and there was such an overflow crowd that they had to let people stand on the sides of the corrider further away from the stage. As much as I like them (well, just Kimura), they really can't command the stage or make as many interesting remarks as the veterans from the earlier stages. They pretty much replied questions with the typical answers. Well, they did make fun of Hama Kento for crying during one of his answers XD The funny thing is, there would be screams after some of their answers from the Tenipuri stage side! You could prominently hear SuwaJun doing a Hyotei call and all the fans cheering in the background ^^

It was around 4:45pm by this time and things were starting to close up so we left. Looking back, it was pretty good overall, and the stage shows were definitely the highlight. Hope to be back next year!