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JUMP Festa 2018 report

I was lucky enough to be in Tokyo for JumpFes this year and managed to go on the first day. (Went to other events the second day which I'll elaborate on in a later post!) Hope we can go together someday, willeke4439!

Big sign to welcome you to JumpFes! Super easy to get to Makuhari Messe from the subway station and lots of staff giving direction on where to go. It's just a super long walk to actually get inside, and even longer to get to the limited edition goods area so luckily I had comfortable walking shoes on. I got there around 11am and there wasn't much of a line.

The area was actually a lot bigger than I was expecting, but you're greeted by many familiar faces~ The usual OP and DBZ areas that I've seen in a few reports from previous years were also up again.

Most Jump protagonists had their own statues up, like BHA above. They seemed to be pushing Black Clover screaming boy quite a bit this year too.


My beautiful boys in their suits ^^ Lots of merchandise but nothing I was particularly interested in on this side. I was really tempted to get the ema plates from HxH but was dissuaded against it as I really don't really need more merch XD

Lots of figures at the Banpresto stand. They were also pre-selling some kuji.


Kind of really want these when they release

After I'd walked around a bit, it was time for the first stage show I wanted to attend, Shokugeki no Soma's! Matsuouka, Takahashi, SuwaJun (sporting gold hair) and my god Ishida Akira were there so of course I had to get a decent standing spot for myself. No pics from the stage since no photography but it was great hearing them recite their characteristic lines live. Bonus guest was the mangaka which was a nice suprise, and he's actually pretty good looking but Konomi-sensei probably takes the cake. They picked their favorite dishes from the anime and then showed a clip of it being tasted. Matsuouka's was super spicy mapo tofu, SuwaJun liked the anglerfish curry and Ishida liked the black pepper buns because of its bargaining power to get Soma into Erina's restaurant XD Then they had a 'shokugeki' with the theme being modified cup yakisoba where they each had to add a little something. There would be videos of the making and then the dish would be brought in for the mangaka to taste and he would decide the winner. Takahashi had her yakisoba in senbei cracker sandwich, Matsuouka had his with carbonara sauce, Ishida had his with tobasco and SuwaJun had his with love >///< He actually made Takahashi do moe moe kyun live to make it taste better. His preparation steps were also done with more care. In the end, the winner was Ishida's tobasco yakisoba even though SuwaJun's was pretty brilliant! Then they showed previews and announcements. I'm sure everybody's heard that the show will be getting another cour staged in the North! And an OVA with fanservice based on Erina. It was a really fun stage overall and even my mom who's watched the show but doesn't understand much Japanese enjoyed it as well :D With their ending good-byes, they pimped the Soma tebasaki gyoza which were exclusively sold at this year's JumpFes food stalls. Unfortunately, by the time I was hungry, they were already sold out >_>

Anyway, they had a large Soma stall with life sized cutouts and signatures.

Had lunch upstairs; a pretty decent nikuman and some less decent Royal curry. Then I walked all the way around to the limited edition goods area and lined up to get an HxH plate and a Yu-gi-oh charm. The area was actually organized really well and the process was super efficient. You mark down what you want on the paper and then you're moved to a section where you wait. I squatted for maybe 20min before my section was called so not too bad. Then you exchange your paper, pay, (receive your pre-sale YGO cards if you bought them) and then submit your order to the runners in the back who collect your stuff and hand it to you.

There were actually a lot of games you could line up for or activities you could do, but they weren't too enticing for me. Though P-Bandai had a really cool b-day photo set up for Akashi but I couldn't connect to the wifi at all to show my account.

By then, it was about time for the Tenipuri stage show so I headed over. Boy, was it packed, and most people were prepared and had their penlights! MinaJun, SuwaJun, Okiayu and Konomi-sensei were there and as expected, it was a live! They started with a few character lines from the manga which was cool and then MinaJun started with Rising Beat! She's so cute in person and she sang really well~ Okiayu was next and sang Dakishimete shimai sou sa (and advertised the game since it's available at lvl 59 can't wait until I get there.) Hmm... I hate to say it, but his singing was a little off. I guess he's getting older or not taking as much care to practise? Still nice to see it live though. Then there was Tezuka animated to Never Surrender one of my favorites (complete with blue flames and all at the appropriate parts). Then SuwaJun sang... I think Ore-sama no bigi ni yoi na (it's been a while and it's not my favorite). He's really good at riling up the crowd and giving fan service! Next was animated Atobe playing a large white grand piano to Will. As for announcements, they put in a plug for the new movie and revealed a new OVA and remake of Atobe vs Tezuka that would follow the manga more closely. Okiayu was like, 'then I'll get more lines!' And they're like 'no...' SuwaJun consoled him by saying he'd get lots of "Hng and ha" and he's like, 'let me talkkkkk.' They all sang Tenipuri Paradise at the end! I really wish they had guests from each school so Konomi-sensei didn't have to do all the lines not related to Seigaku and Hyotei XD Poor guy was so out of breath by the end >_< Anyway, the atmosphere was awesome and I really wish I had brought a penlight to swing along!

After this event, there was another Tenipuri talk show at a booth but there was also a Touken Ranbu one so we went to the latter one since my mom likes Tourabu XD Kimura Ryohei and Hama Kento were there and there was such an overflow crowd that they had to let people stand on the sides of the corrider further away from the stage. As much as I like them (well, just Kimura), they really can't command the stage or make as many interesting remarks as the veterans from the earlier stages. They pretty much replied questions with the typical answers. Well, they did make fun of Hama Kento for crying during one of his answers XD The funny thing is, there would be screams after some of their answers from the Tenipuri stage side! You could prominently hear SuwaJun doing a Hyotei call and all the fans cheering in the background ^^

It was around 4:45pm by this time and things were starting to close up so we left. Looking back, it was pretty good overall, and the stage shows were definitely the highlight. Hope to be back next year!



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Jan. 1st, 2018 04:09 am (UTC)
Thanks for the report! And happy new year!! The Tenipuri stage sounds awesome! Lol, poor Okiayu, no lines for you... =P Not sure how I feel about that new OVA, I felt like the Tezuka vs. Atobe match in the original anime was one of the most boring and drawn-out parts ^^; But maybe the OVA will make it better? I'll have to watch it in any case! >w<
Jul. 11th, 2019 07:59 pm (UTC)
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