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Finally found some time to write posts (haha standing in line at USJ)! I'll start with this event before I forget too much of what was said! There'll be a DVD release anyway but I'm glad Corda is still being pushed by Koei so much.

Happy 15th anniversary to Kiniro no Corda! I bought tics to the 2 shows at Pacifico Yokohama on the 16th for the original cast (1-2ff) and had to forego the ones on the 15th for the 3-4 cast (because 7500x4 is too much XD)

When you enter, you're greeted with a nice display with a violin and pop ups of all the characters. There were also lots of bouquets, posters, screens promoting games and of course, merchandise! The popular goods had already been sold out by the time I got there (including those hot blankets of Len and Yunoki). I luckily grabbed the last penlight to look at it and then the poor person behind me reached in to find none!

There was also a kuji and I got the bottle holder B prize like I wanted with 3 pulls so I'm satisfied. A few people after, the lady rang a winning bell so she likely got a special prize!

I sat on the second level both times by the aisle. Sometimes neoromance events have the cast come up everywhere but unfortunately, not this one. They had a short opener with the 2 guys who sang the opening for the taiwanese version of the game and they stayed to be stage hands later (aka targets for Kishio's craziness).

Before the show, they had the rules read as usual. The afternoon show was Kiiyan as Len and the evening was FukuJun as Shimizu. They also added a call & response by asking their favorite food to interact with the audience. Luckily, most fans shouted it out loudly! It's been way too long since I played so I only remembered Yunoki's XD. Cast were Taniyama Kishou, Itou Kentarou, Morita Masakazu, Kishou Daisuke, Hino Satoshi, Konishi Katsuyuki, Maeno Tomoaki, Uchida Yuuya, Ishikawa Hideo, Fukuyama Jun and the girls Satou Akemi, Masuda Yuki, Takaki Reiko and Mizubashi Kaori (am), Ohara Sayaka (pm). Stella Quintet sang Hallelujah in am and my fav Crescendo in pm. The best part of Corda events is probably the music and they had a live violin + keyboard. There was a huge focus on Etou in the afternoon since he has a whole drama cd series out featuring him at Seisou. They had him talking to Lili and finding fata (with vo music and all XD). Other drama sections had them playing songs for Hino (great tie-in with live keyboard and violin solos) and them spying on the chairman to prevent the club from disbanding.

One of my favorite sections was the live re-enactment. They chose some really great scenes as well as never before done scenes from the new university manga released recently. In the am, they did ch 1 from university and the saddest scene when she says farewell to Lili >_< the whole hall was in tears and sniffling... ugh so sad. The pm was ch4 so we finally get some of Kishou's crazy ad-libbing. He was pretty suppressed in the am so he could finally let loose XD It was Yunoki being haraguro to Len and he really went for it, emphasizing how well Hino gets along with Etou and how far away Vienna is (12h flight, he looked it up).

The variety corners were still pretty tame, asking questions about Corda's 15 years, their thoughts 15 years ago and memories, how they've changed since. Konitan kept drawing pictures, Maenu said he was a rookie 15 years ago and couldn't make a living on just seiyuu work, Kishou said he's still no.1 seiyuu Neoromance wants to avoid inviting to events (lol, he said they even sent him a warning letter after the first event), the girls are happy to be received so amazingly for an oto-ge event, and Kiiyan quit smoking (good for him). In terms of character changes, Itou said Tsuchiura can drive now so they don't have to tag onto rich Yunoki's car XD Ishikawa said Kanayan got throat surgery (cuz he used to sing opera) and Morita asked him if his acting changed after that and he's like why are you asking me in such a condescending tone XD Maenu said he liked Hihara and Yunoki's songs so much he sang them at karaoke and sent videos to Morita and Kishou! And they're like, yeah, it was super long because you recorded the whole thing XD

The part where Kishou could fully express himself was the prize drawing because it doesn't get put on the DVD. He teased those rookie singers so much XD Grabbed them, hugged them, confessed to them... and then of course, the other guys joined in ^^ Sadly, I didn't win anything (I mean, the odds are terrible), but someone a few seats away from me won a signed poster. The people in the first few rows also had a chance of catching the balls they throw in the audience.

And what's a Neoromance event without songs? Kiiyan is obviously the best singer and he sang Tear (not my fav but still great), Hino is probably second best and he sang Move (great song), Itou sang Another Revolution... Morita, Kishou, and FukuJun also sang solos but I don't remember their chara songs very well >_< Hino and Lili also sang solos! I didn't even realize they had solo songs! Uchida and Ishikawa had a duet and so did Masuda and Satou. So glad I bought a penlight cuz I could wave with everyone and light up the audience too ^^ At the end, all the characters had kyun lines as usual.

Huge poster ad for the Octave game which will be released next Feb. It's set in a parallel universe where everyone from both Corda series goes to school together. They showed some pretty interesting previews and re-enacted some scenes live during the event, giving spoilers for who dorms with who! (3 violinists together! Chairman with Tohgane if I remember correctly!)

The ending song was Happy Time both shows and the audience chimed in. The encore was the cast ending comment and there was a double encore in the pm where they sang Score in Blue as well as brought a cake out for the 15th anniversary in secret.

All in all, a pretty well done show. It was my first Neoromance event and hopefully not my last!



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Sep. 25th, 2018 04:01 am (UTC)
Thanks for the lovely report. I'm happy to hear about Kiniro no Corda celebrating its 15th anniversary!
Oct. 4th, 2018 07:59 pm (UTC)
I'm actually super jealous because I've been wanting to go since the 10th Neoromance Anni but I'm just barely elementary level familiar with Japanese so purchasing tickets, registration, and all that stuff is just so frustratingly difficult! I would love to hear more about your personal experience with these events and even some of the limited collab cafes if you care to share! :D

I'm drooling over the merch! New goal: make it to the 20th celebration! Let's just hope Corda stays
Jan. 1st, 2019 06:31 pm (UTC)
i'm so happy you're writing this report.
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